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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Experiment in Exercise Minimalism

I haven't done a lot of exercise lately, what with the kitchen renovation, being busy with work, injuring my lower back, then getting sick. In fact, it's been about two months since my last gym session (although we walk TJ every day). The last week or so I've been thinking about going back to the gym but wasn't sure about how to fit it in, so when I read this post about Exercise Minimalism, I thought it would be a good place to start: 32 minutes a week - I can fit that in! So after walking TJ this morning I headed for the gym and busted out five rounds of close-grip press-ups, inverted rows and kettlebell swings. My upper body is feeling it now, but I'm glad I've done something!


Dawn said...

I feel like over the last few years it's been embedded into my brain I need to workout for over an hour to make it work my time....who has that kind of time every day? Great article thanks for sharing.

Charlotte Orr said...

Glad you found it useful Dawn. Cheers, Charlotte

Kerry W said...

Hey Charlotte

Glad to hear you've got over all that 'stuff', and you're back doing something. You'll be back to your normal exercise routine in no time. :)

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kerry, for some reason I seem to go off the rails every year around May. Glad I'm back 'on' again now though. Cheers, Charlotte