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Friday, April 5, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 10

When the plasterer was here on Wednesday he patched over the hole in the ceiling where the old fan was:

bathroom april 3 3

I queried this with the building supervisor on Thursday morning, as we were told at the planning stage that our old textured ceiling would look odd with a smooth patch at one end and it would be best to have a new ceiling. The plasterer missed the ceiling instructions when he was here on Wednesday, so he came back this morning to put in a new ceiling and cornices:

bathroom april 5 1

The old door frame was stripped out as part of the demolition, so this afternoon the carpenters came back and put in a new door frame so the tiler will have an edge to tile up to.

Without frame:

bathroom april 5 3

With frame:

bathroom april 5 4 

Our window was previously framed by some ‘lovely’ plastic edging, seen in the pic below:

bathroom 1

It now has a new frame:

bathroom april 5 4

Tiling starts on Monday.

Have a good weekend!

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