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Monday, March 11, 2013

Vegetable Garden

Rob and I have finally started growing our own vegetables. While Rob was on holiday in January, we measured up some garden beds and Rob started digging them out.


You can see how dry the ground was, which made it really hard work to dig up. He dug in compost which we’ve had going for about 12 months, and some organic fertiliser.

In February we went to Ceres and got some organic seedlings, and planted them in our garden beds.

Here they are now, a couple of weeks on. The bed below has (from front to back) two rows of lettuce, two rows of kale and a row of bush beans


The second bed (planted a week later) has another row of lettuce, one Warrigal greens plant (native spinach) and four zucchini plants.


It’s going really well so far. Yesterday I noticed two beans had appeared overnight on one of our bean plants, so that was quite exciting!


Sandra said...

You're a step ahead of us, Charlotte. We have the opposite problem in that our soil is so wet, almost soggy in some areas. We thought we'd found our perfect spot for some veggie beds but have had some very heavy downpours recently which would have flooded the beds if we'd planted anything there, so still looking for that perfect spot.
Look forward to some more updates.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Sandra. Deciding where to put ours took ages as well. The back yard gets a bit soggy, and the dog has free range of it, so we ended up putting the garden in the front.