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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bathroom Renovation

We have a number of reasons why we want to get our bathroom renovated

- the bathroom is so narrow that only one of use can use it at a time. And we have a big dog that likes to follow us everywhere.

- the bath is too small for either of us to use.

- none of the taps turn off properly (shower, bath or basin). We’ve had washers replaced but the taps are so old it’s not really helping (the plumber said the next step would be to replace the taps).

- the basin taps leak into the vanity cupboard, which limits what can be stored in it.

- the vanity is ridiculously low, and Rob hates using it.

- the cold tap in the shower falls off if you aren’t gentle with it.

- the tiles in the shower were painted over at some stage to hide a pattern, but the paint is now flaking off, and any attempt to clean the shower results in handfuls of paint flakes

In addition to this, we found out while we were getting quotes that the area behind the tiles is lined with asbestos (c0mmon in houses of our age).

We decided to use a bathroom renovation company because it’s going to involve so many trades, and neither of us is up to doing much ourselves at the moment (I have a bad back and Rob cracked one of his ribs recently).

So we’ve spent the last month or so getting quotes and choosing products, and today was the first day of our renovation – demolition!

Today we’ve gone from this

bathroom 1

to this

bathroom 19 March 1

I’m really looking forward to our new bathroom! In the meantime, it’s showers at the gym.


Magda said...

OMG it sounds like you have the bathroom from hell Charlotte. Good luck with the renos. I cant wait to see the finished product.


Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Magda, me too!