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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 7

To my surprise the cabinetmaker turned up today to install the mirrored cabinet.

Previously, when you entered the bathroom, the first thing you saw was the shower cubicle. I’m standing in the doorway to take the pic below, which gives you a rough idea of what you’ll see now when you enter the bathroom.

bathroom 28 March 1

The basin will be directly below.

Here’s a side view. You might be able to see that it’s recessed into the wall cavity, so it won’t stick out too far above the basin.

bathroom 28 March 2

Here’s what it looks like with the left side open. The hole in the bottom is for the power point. The shelves are all adjustable, so we can keep an electric toothbrush in there to charge if we want to.

bathroom 28 March 3

Have a great Easter!

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