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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 5

This morning the electrician was here for a couple of hours to rough in the new wiring.

In the old bathroom layout, all the wiring was on the right-hand wall. The light switch will remain in the same position, but because the new basin will be in a diagonally opposite position to where it was, wiring had to be run around the room for new power points.

In the right of the pic below you can see the wiring for the light switch and the rectangular metal bracket where the power point used to be. In the centre of the pic you can see a white junction box, and the electrician has run the new wiring via this, round to the left

bathroom 26 March 4

the new wiring continues above the bath, past the shower area…

bathroom 26 March 5

into the new basin area. There will be a power point hidden in the mirrored cabinet above the basin, and one down low on the left-hand wall for a panel heater.

bathroom 26 March 6

We also wanted the old extractor fan taken out, since its position over the old shower meant it vented into the ceiling cavity – not ideal.

bathroom 26 March 1

bathroom 26 March 2

We wanted a new extractor fan put in closer to the outside wall of the house, so it vents to the outside. The electrician prepared an opening for it (the small hole is for the existing light fitting).

bathroom 26 March 3

However, he didn’t prepare the vent through the eaves to the outside as the eaves may be asbestos…

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