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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Birds in the Walls and F3 Update

We’re sleeping in the upstairs bedroom at the moment while I’m painting the downstairs bedroom. While I was moving some of our stuff up there I heard some scrabbling and chirping, and realised we had birds nesting in one of our walls.

Our roof tiler came out on Friday and climbed up above the upstairs bedroom to take a look. The room is above the dining room, which has a fireplace, and the flue runs up outside the bedroom upstairs. Apparently there was half a roof tile missing next to the flue and the birds had been getting in there and nesting in the walls.

He started pulling out one nest, then another, and another…

nests 1

He reckoned there were years worth of nests up there, and explained that birds usually come back to the same spot to nest each year. Once the tiler had removed all the nests, he put a new tile up next to the flue and sealed it off, so there should be no more birds in the walls!


25th November to 1st December

Most of my four indulgences this week have been of the chocolate variety: one of Rob’s students gave him some chocolate for a ‘Thank you’, so I had some of that on two nights, a hot chocolate on another night, plus a glass of wine. I also ate a bit extra on the days that I did sanding and painting. Progress so far:

4th November 59.1

11th November 58.1

18th November 58.4 (period)

25th November 57.5

2nd December 57.3

Just a 200g drop on the scales after this week’s efforts, so will increase my exercise sessions from three to four and see what effect that has.

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