Sunday, November 18, 2012

FFF update

11th November to 17th November

Have been a bit hungry this week, as I usually am just before my period arrives. Made sure I had more carb-heavy dinners this week to stave off the carb-and-fat cravings I usually have at this time of the month.

Sun – Sweet potato and lentil cakes



Mon – Gluten-free beef lasagne



Tue – Lentil moussaka



Wed – Salmon, rice and salad with sweet chilli and ginger sauce



Thu – Baked beans on toast



Fri – Curried mince on rice



Sat – Salmon stir-fry


Indulgences this week were the same as last week: three glasses of wine and a hot chocolate.

In terms of exercise, I only did two of the three sessions of pool walking I planned for the week (too wiped out from my period to do the third) but did foam rolling and dog walking most days.

I’ve sorted out my not-filling-enough afternoon-snack issue by adding more psyllium and water to my morning smoothie, and having half for my morning snack and half for my afternoon snack (along with some nuts).

Having more carbs at dinner (and less protein) has helped reduce my snacking in the evenings as I feel more satisfied after dinner.

Briefly saw the 57s this week but weight this morning was up to 58.4 with period puffiness. So progress so far is

4th November 59.1

11th November 58.1

18th November 58.4 (period)

So far I’ve been doing low intensity pool walking, but will try moderate intensity this week and see what effect that has.

Have a good week!

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Sara said...

Oops just saw this (emailed you earlier). Good effort! Those monthly fluctations are a PIA. Also, it may be TMI, but you, me and one other challenger are all on period week. Funny, huh?