Thursday, November 1, 2012

Festive Fitness Focus

I’m joining in Sara’s Festive Fitness Focus for the seven weeks leading up to Christmas.

What I'm committing to:

On rising every day: foam rolling and dead bugs (for mobility and core strength). Three to four days a week I will do 30-60 minutes pool walking, focusing on bracing my core. No weight training as yet as my back still isn’t up to it. Daily walking with Rob and TJ.

My plan is to focus on including foods to help me reduce my total cholesterol (currently 6.4):

Sticky fibre such as oats, barley, psyllium, fruit, vegetables, legumes etc.


Foods containing plant sterols, or a supplement. (Undecided as yet  - I need to try the milk and yoghurt containing the plant sterols to see if my stomach is OK with the lactose content. Also, I like to eat a mostly organic diet, and these foods aren’t organic.)

Calorie goal: about 1400-1600 (guestimate). Plus four ‘indulgences’ per week, eg four small glasses wine.

Rob is doing ‘no junk food until Christmas’ so that helps me out a lot. The only time I really eat it is if he brings it home.

Glysodin (antioxidant) 1/day
Krill Oil 1/day
Activated B Complex 1/day
I’ve been having spirulina most days, so will continue that or a greens powder, and probably add in a probiotic (had antibiotics recently for my tonsil infection).

My goal is two-fold: reduce my cholesterol, and lose a little more weight. I’ve been sitting at 58kg for almost six months, so I should be OK to try and push a bit lower without a rebound effect. I’m aiming for 55-56kg. So that’s 2kg (minimum) to lose in seven weeks. 


Magda said...

Oooh thats a BIG challenge - but certainly worthwhile. Wishing you luck Charlotte.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Magda!