Sunday, November 11, 2012

F3 Check In

4th November to 10 November

I've settled into a fairly good routine with my food this past week. Once I find a meal I like I'm happy to eat it every day until I get sick of it.

Breakfast has been a mixture of 1/3 cup oats, 1 grated apple, 6 chopped almonds and 1 Tbsp shredded coconut

I tried out the dairy products containing sterols and they seem to be OK on my tummy, so my morning snack has been a smoothie with 1 cup Pura Heart Active milk, a 200g tub of Jalna Heart Smart yoghurt, 1 smallish banana (around 75g) and some frozen blueberries (around 75g). I started adding in some greens too (we had a bit of silverbeet that needed using up), and some probiotic powder and psyllium when I remember.

Lunch is usually a sandwich, with sterol spread on the bread. This week the filling has mostly been pink salmon with capers, onion, cucumber, alfalfa and lettuce.

An afternoon snack usually consists of a handful of nuts (20g) and a carrot. Although this hasn't been keeping me full for that long...

Dinner has been getting earlier and earlier, since my afternoon snack hasn't been keeping me full for long. Dinner is the one meal that I vary each day. So we ate
Sunday: felafel wraps, wheat free tabouli
Monday: gluten-free lasagne, asparagus
Tuesday: lentil moussaka, salad
Wednesday: fish chowder, broccoli
Thursday: salmon and asparagus risotto, broccoli, salad
Friday: homemade baked beans on toast, salad
Saturday: stir-fried pork with green beans and mushrooms.

I snacked on extra fruit in the evenings a couple of times during the week. For my four 'indulgences' this week I had three glasses of wine and a hot chocolate.

In terms of exercise, I did the three sessions of pool walking I planned for the week, as well as the daily foam rolling and dog walking, so am pretty happy with that.

My start weight on the 4th was 59.1kg and after this week's efforts I am down to 58.1kg.

My aims for this week are to repeat the exercise, have a more filling afternoon snack and try and choose vegetable snacks rather than fruit snacks in the evenings.


Lia Halsall said...

I definitely feel it when I don't do my foam rolling, it's an absolute must now for flexibility and range of movement. :)

Sara said...

Awesome effort! When I saw your spreadsheet I did a double take at the 'dead bugs' before realising this referred to exercise, not breakfast :D

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Lia, yes and it's so painful if you stop doing it for a while and start again!

Charlotte Orr said...

LOL, thanks Sara!