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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Water Under the House 2

Earlier in the week I blogged about the problem we have with water collecting under our house.

Today was a lovely sunny day, so Rob decided to do the food colouring test to see where the water was coming from.

He put blue food colouring down the stormwater drain at the back of the house and then poured lots of water down after it, to see if the water was going down into a cracked stormwater pipe that runs under the paved area near the house and out to the driveway.

After about half an hour Rob looked under the house but there didn’t appear to be any change in the water, so then he went and looked in the inspection hole in the driveway and voila, blue water. So we thought the water was passing down the stormwater pipe OK and that it was just surface water under the house.

About an hour after pouring the water down the drain, Rob went to shut the manhole under the house, and decided to have another look. He thought he saw something, so had a closer look, and there was blue water there too.

under house 14 Oct

So it seems like some of the water is going out to the driveway, but the underground pipe must be cracked and allowing some water to pass through the ground and under the house. Because there’s no drainage under the house, there’s nowhere for the water to go. So at least now we know where the water’s coming from and we can do something about it.

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