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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spring Decluttering Week 1

This week I've been following along with the decluttering and organising tasks in the
The Organised Housewife

Here's what I've done
Day 1
Declutter: the kitchen bench
day 1 bench
Organise: under the kitchen sink day 1 under sink
On the left is orange oil for the bench tops, on the right are liquid soap and detergent refills, dishwasher tablets and steelos etc. I mostly use microfibre cloths for cleaning.

As I have a bad back and don’t want to be bending down to get stuff from under the sink all the time, the dishrack, brushes, detergent and soap all live up top (no, I still haven’t chosen tiles for the splashback behind the sink)
day 1 sink
Day 2
Declutter: bedroom surfaces
Organise: top drawer of bedside table
This was easy – our bedroom is tiny so we only have room for a stool on each side of the bed. TJ loves a freshly made bed.
day 2 bedroom
Day 3
Declutter: laundry pile
Organise: create a laundry routine
Our dirty laundry lives in the laundry cupboard.
day 3 laundry
One load per day: sheets; towels; dog towels (Rob gives TJ a towel dry when they come home from a walk so he doesn’t track mud in the house); dark home clothes (the clothes that are covered in dog fur are washed separately), dark work clothes, whites.
day 3 laundry tubs
Day 4
Declutter: magazine collection (recipes I’ve torn out of my magazines but haven’t made yet are all in plastic pockets in a ring binder)
day 4 magazines
Day 5
Declutter: out of date food
Organise: pantry
day 5 pantry
This is the day after doing the shopping. Not many processed ingredients since we are gluten-free, and I don’t tend to ‘stockpile’ things.
Top: coffee and tea, coffee cups, vitamins, smoothie ingredients
Under that: oils and vinegars, legumes and rice (in BPA free containers), regularly used herbs and spices
Under that: dog treats, potatoes, onions, lactose-free milk, nori  wrappers, canned ingredients (tomatoes, legumes etc)
Under that: irregularly used herbs and spices, baking ingredients, cooking alcohol (wine, sherry, port etc)
Under that: dog food bowls, punch bowl, ice bucket, spare drink bottles, fizzy drinks


Magda said...

Wow that's awesome. So neat and tidy.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Magda!

Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

wow, what a lovely tidy pantry ;-)

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Cathy!