Friday, August 31, 2012

Dinner Plan for week starting 1 September

OK, so I got a bit carried away yesterday doing a menu when I didn’t know what veges I’d have to work with. So I’ve deleted that and am starting again.

Here’s what’s left in the freezer/fridge


- steak

- kangaroo mince

- kangaroo fillet


- 1 leek

- 1 bunch parsley

- 1 bunch coriander

- 1/2 bunch celery

- 1/2 bunch spring onions

- ginger

And here’s what we got today

31 August

Vege selection

- carrots

- silverbeet

- baby spinach

- zucchini

- capsicum

- broccoli

- potato

- bok choy

- mushrooms

- sweet potato

- corn

- coriander



The leftover leek and celery and some of the new carrots will be used to make stock.

I’ll probably use the silverbeet and spinach in smoothies.

The rest of the veg will be used in the following dishes

Sat - Kangaroo chilli (zucchini, capsicum)

Sun – steak (broccoli, potato)

Mon – kangaroo stir-fry (bok choy, mushrooms)

Tue – roast veg salad with chickpeas (sweet potato, carrot)

Wed – salmon frittata (broccoli, corn)

Thu – hot lentil curry (coriander, canned tomatoes)

Fri- salmon and pea pilaf (frozen peas, spring onions)


Have a good weekend!

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