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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I got my test results back on Friday last week. Have been a bit down in the dumps since then, which typically makes me withdraw from things.

The doctor ordered a bunch of blood tests, most of which came back ‘normal’, apart from my vitamin D levels, which are a bit on the low side, and my stupid genetically high cholesterol (so frustrating when I eat so well!).

The X-ray report on my back said 'Mild discovertebral degenerative changes are seen at L5/S1 as suggested by early disc space reduction and endplate changes’. The doctor is calling this arthritis, but Rob reckons it’s normal for someone my age.

Anyway, I’ve started taking krill oil, and Rob is needling my lower back muscles as they’re super tight after injuring my back. Sara commented on one of my posts, saying that blackouts and dizziness can happen after disc injury, so that might explain why I’ve been feeling so icky.

I’m still not very mobile (due to getting tingling in my legs or feeling dizzy if I stand/walk for too long) so have mostly been house-bound. I can’t do much housework, and don’t expect Rob to do it after long days at work and travelling, so being stuck in a ‘messy nest’ and not being able to do much is doing my head in!


Magda said...

What a bummer. My L5 and S1 are stuffed too. Virtually bone on bone now. Maybe getting a cleaner in can help at least in the short term. Hope you bounce back soon Charlotte.


Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Magda, was just thinking about a cleaner. Cheers, C

Michelle Carlyon said...

Bugga! Hope you get better soon.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Michelle!