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Friday, July 27, 2012


Well, I’m still Not Quite Right. I overdid things a bit on Tuesday (did a bit of measuring in the laundry, and picked up a few things from low shelves at the supermarket), and ever since then I’ve been getting a bit of tingling in my legs if I move the wrong way (not good). So I’ve been back on the couch being very quiet the last few days.  Since I’ve been doing so little activity, my appetite has been very small (I’ve been having a  protein smoothie for breakfast, a juice or green smoothie for lunch, and some sort of protein, veg and carbs for dinner).

Today I had to go the post office to buy some more express post envelopes  to send my work back. The queue stretched out the door and by the time I got near the counter I was feeling quite hot and had stripped off my beanie, scarf, jacket and sweatshirt, so that I was standing there in pants and a T-shirt (very unusual for me). As the person in front of me was being served I started to feel nauseous. When it was my turn I started by saying, ‘Excuse me, I don’t feel well…’ I managed to squeak out what I wanted, but as she was getting the envelopes for me, I had to lie down on the floor, before I fainted. In front of a full post office.

One of the post office ladies was very kind and took me out the back so I could lie down out there. I don’t know if it was the activity of walking to the post office and standing in the queue for a long time, after pretty much lying down for three days, or hardly having anything to eat all day, or being hot, or a combination, but I just felt horrible. When I thought I was OK again I got up and went back out the front of the post office so I could complete my purchase and send my work off. But as I was filling out the envelope I started to feel hot, nauseous and faint  and had to lie down again.

The ladies in the post office were quite concerned by this stage and were asking if they should call someone (ie an ambulance).  I mentioned my doctor was in the shopping centre, so once I had recovered I was walked over there.

My GP is lovely and I felt sorry for him when I started blubbing as soon as he asked me what was wrong.  He asked lots of questions (no, I am not pregnant) and took my blood pressure (100/65) before deciding to order blood tests and x-rays, so I will be having those done in the morning.

I felt a lot better in the doctor’s office and when I got home, so I think the heat of the post office was a contributing factor, but it will still be good to get the tests done.


Magda said...

Oh my, its awful being sick in a public place. It panics me and I'm sure it unsettled you too Charlotte. I hope everything is ok and its just a by product of your back problem and the immobility you've suffered lately.


Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Magda, I hope it's nothing more than that too.