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Monday, July 16, 2012

Lying on the Couch

I've mostly been on the couch since hurting my back on Friday. On Saturday I lay on the couch with my laptop and did an online shopping order with Coles, and had it delivered on Sunday for Rob to unpack. Over the weekennd I also caught up on all the season 2 episodes of Downtown Abbey. Today I had to do some work - juggling a laptop and a bunch of paperwork while lying down made things a bit slow going! I had a deadline today but it's been extended until tomorrow, thank goodness! 
Rob was great at looking after me over the weekend but today I've fended for myself. I've been favouring liquids for meals - easy for me to prepare and eat (I'm not comfortable sitting down to eat, so I either stand or lie down and drink out of a bendy straw). Here's what I've had so far...
1: smoothie with soy milk, rice protein, banana, powdered green tea, cardamom powder, chorella and dulse, plus an anti-inflammatory
2: juice made from red cabbage, carrot, green apple and celery (nicer than it sounds!)
3: chicken and corn soup (a freebie we got in the Coles delivery)
The anti-inflamatories seem to be helping, but I think there's going to be a few more days of lying down yet.


Sandra said...

Oh Charlotte, I really feel for you...have hurt my back badly on several occasions and it is NOT fun...take care xo...that juice sounds delicious.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Sandra!