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Monday, July 23, 2012

Laundry Inspiration

My lower back is feeling a bit better now. No pain while lying or walking, but am still very cautious bending or squatting, and can’t sit for any length of time. Am still doing my work lying on the couch.

Over the weekend we looked through the quotes from the builders and today I emailed them some further questions.

As part of our renovation the wall between the kitchen and laundry will be coming out. This is how the laundry looks now. 


Not very attractive.

We are planning tidy it up a bit and hide it away behind new doors. Here are some examples, with the same plumbing.


via Electrolux


provincial kitchens 3

via Provincial Kitchens


provincial kitchens 5

via Provincial Kitchens


Do you have a laundry set-up like this? Anything you love about it or would do differently?


Magda said...

I dont personally but friends built a smallish house and had the laundry behind ???? doors in their family room. It worked well for them.


Charlotte Orr said...

Good to hear, thanks Magda

Sandra said...

Long story here but we moved a house onto our block of land a few years ago. Because of the way the house was positioned, it means the original laundry has become the door everyone walks through to get into the we have decided to instal doors like the ones you've shown to hide the laundry and make the rest of the room more of an entry/hall way. I can't wait!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Sandra, funnily enough, we use the back door (where the laundry is located) more than the front too!