Saturday, March 24, 2012

4 Weeks

...until my birthday

Progress so far

12 weeks: 64.5kg

11 weeks: 63.2kg

10 weeks: 63.1kg

7 weeks: 62.7kg

5 weeks: 62.2kg

4 weeks: 61.7kg

Am quite happy with the drop in weight this week, considering I've had a bad cold and haven't been able to train. I had plans to meet a friend in the city last Saturday but had to cancel because my tonsils were on fire, and it's been a downhill ride of sore sinuses, congestion, nose blowing and coughing since then. My energy levels are almost back to normal today, thank goodness!

We've had a run of cold and wet weather here recently and that seems to have encouraged pests inside - I noticed some mouse droppings in the kitchen at the start of the week. Normally mice don't bother me (I kept them as pets as a kid) but when they get into the kitchen and start making a mess I get a bit stressed out. By Friday I'd had enough and decided to set a trap under the stove. The instructions on the box recommended peanut butter. We don't have peanut butter (as Rob is a bit sensitive to peanuts, along with gluten and dairy), so I used almond butter. The mice seemed to like it. I got three in quick succession!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Kek said...

It's not the wet weather, Charlotte, it's the time of year. Every autumn the bloody little pests invade this whole area. I've put up with it for 25 years. O_o

We use poison baits, because I can't deal with traps and dead bodies. I know you have TJ to worry about, but block baits up in the roof space are useful and pets can't get to them there.

If you can figure out where they get in and block off access, the problem goes away. Ours get in behind the stove - the electrician just gouged a big hole in the plasterboard to hardwire the stove and there's space around the flex. I am determined to fill that damn hole with SOMETHING. I can handle hearing them in the roof and walls, but the thought of them in my pantry makes me nauseous.

Also? I want the creepy little things out of my house. Phobias are no fun... :(

Kek said...

Oh - I'm heading to the big green shed today to try to find some of these:

They get into the wall cavities through the weep holes...

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kek, I think our electrician and plumber 'kindly' left a few holes as well...